The JSB Group, Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, Fruit Profits, Geofresh, Halden Packaging, Fresh Integrity Group, Farm to Fork Marketing, and N.A.V.I Co. Global have joined forces to provide technical, educational, marketing and laboratory services to the fresh produce, ornamental and food industries.

  • The JSB Group, LLC, based in western Massachusetts, is an international consulting company specializing in packaging design and technology, food safety and postharvest technology for the fresh food industry. The mission of the JSB Group, LLC is to be the leading global technology resource for the flexible, produce, and food packaging industries by providing participating companies technical, sales, marketing, market research, training, and management support.
  • Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, Inc. based in Lectoure, France, specializes in postharvest biology and technology of fruits, vegetables, fresh cut produce and ornamentals. HPC is a leading resource on ethylene management. The company mission is to provide the most cost-effective technology to monitor and improve quality and shelf-life of perishable commodities, based on state-of-the-art scientific research.
  • Fruit Profits is a consultancy based in Valencia, Spain that specializes in innovation and process improvement for the fresh produce and agribusiness sector.
  • Geofresh Ltd., based in Lincolnshire, UK, provides resources and expertise connecting food businesses to their raw material sources in order to optimize efficiency and sustainability throughout the supply chain.Geofresh’s expertise encompasses primary production, fresh-produce procurement and processing particularly of ready-to-eat produce.
  • With over 40 years experience in imports and exports, Halden Packaging is able to keep South Africa at the for-front of the packaging industry by supplying the latest cutting edge packaging technologies from around the world.
  • The Fresh Integrity Group, based in the Salinas, CA area, specializes in Food Safety, Quality, Operations, Organic Integrity and the Supply Chain for fresh produce and perishables. With fifteen years of organic certification experience, Fresh Integrity Group can help create Organic Integrity programs that provide assurance the product you sell as organic is, in fact, organic. The Fresh Integrity Group can create strong Approved Supplier Programs and ensure that your supply chain is as strong and reliable as your own operation.
  • Farm to Fork Marketing, Inc., based in Boise, ID, will help your business grow! From small family businesses to large complex companies, they all have challenges but need unique solutions tailored to their situation, their target customer, and their budget. Farm to Fork Marketing, Inc. can develop marketing plans, new brands, reposition existing brands, and guide the development and launching of new products.
  • N.A.V.I. Co Global (Network, Advice, Value, Innovation) is based in Melbourne, Australia. N.A.V.I Co. Global specialises in the Fresh Produce sector. N.A.V.I. Co Global works with growers and marketers to create products from concept to fruition. The business key focus areas are on Marketing, New Product Development, Branding, packaging and artwork design. N.A.V.I. Co Global works to source the most suitable packaging, machinery, equipment and service providers to help products land on supermarket shelves.

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    Qualifications and experience

    • Jeff Brandenburg, the President of The JSB Group, LLC has over 35 years of experience in packaging. Jeff has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University, with a minor Biomedical Engineering, and a M.S. in Food Safety from Michigan State University. He serves on the food safety and technology council of the United Fresh Produce Association; is the primary author and reviewer of numerous trade articles as well as association guidance documents. Jeff was the lead author for the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) chapter for CRC’s latest publication on Modified and Controlled Atmospheres. Jeff is an adjunct Professor of Microbiology at a local college and has been certified by The National Good Agricultural Practice Program at Cornell University as a GAPs (Good agricultural Practices) Online Produce Safety Course Instructor for the State of Massachusetts GAP training program. He is also an authorized consultant for the State of Massachusetts Farm Viability Program and has worked with numerous Farming operations.
    • Deirdre Holcroft, the President of Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, Inc., has a Ph.D. in Postharvest Physiology from University of California, Davis, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Horticulture from University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, she has worked in academia and industry. Her academic experience includes ten years as a lecturer, researcher and professor at the universities of KwaZulu Natal, Stellenbosch and Michigan State. Her industry experience includes nine years at Dole Fresh Vegetables and AgroFresh (Rohm and Haas/Dow Chemical Company). Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, Inc. specializes in postharvest biology and technology of fruits, vegetables, fresh-cut produce and ornamentals. The company’s objective is to bridge the gap between academic research and industry by providing cost-effective technologies to monitor and improve quality and shelf-life of perishable commodities.
    • Both Jeff and Deirdre are frequent instructors for the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center workshops. Jeff has instructed the Modified Atmosphere Packaging portion of their workshops on ‘Postharvest Technology’, and ‘Freshcut: Maintaining Quality and Safety’. Deirdre has instructed a portion of the ‘Fruit Ripening’ workshop.


    • Manuel Madrid, managing director of Fruit Profits, has a doctorate in Business Administration from Bradford University, UK, an MBA from IMD (Institute for management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland, and MS in Horticulture from University of California, Davis and MSc Agricultural Engineering, Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain. Prior to forming his own company Manuel was a Director at Driscolls European Genetics for four years; Director, Business Development, Syngenta Seeds Vegetables Europe for five years; Director of Research, Chiquita Brands Latin America, in Costa Rica for five years.
    • David Barney, managing director of Geofresh Ltd., graduated with Degree in Agriculture from London University, and has long been associated with horticultural and food industry research in the UK. David has served as a member of the Horticultural Development Council and the LINK PMC (responsible for allocating research funding), in the UK. He also represented Global interests on the United Fresh Produce Association Board. He has expertise in farming, procurement, technical and processing; with a strong emphasis on development and innovation. This allows Geofresh to assist organizations in improving their procurement performance, develop and apply effective supplier-approval (and technical) systems and improve the efficiency of their processes. Areas of focus include: building supply chain and farming capability; contaminant reduction in leafy salad production; advising fresh-cut processor on agricultural / raw material matters and procurement, working with key customers to support global food safety Initiatives.
    • Gilad Sadan is the Managing Director of N.A.V.I. Co Global. Gilad started his career as the sales and marketing manager, and later the CEO, of plastic packaging manufacturer Raptis Pax. Before that he was an Officer in the IDF for 4 years. In the past 10 years Gilad gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the Fresh Produce industry. During his time as Sales and Marketing Manager and CEO of Raptis Pax he developed a wide range of products for the Fruit & Vegetable and retail industries. He has expertise in Trends, Insights and strategic business direction, Brand & Packaging design, Shelf Life & Modified atmosphere packaging., Mock ups and rendering, Retail presentation using innovative state of the art technology (Augmented Reality).


    • Will Daniels is Principal of Fresh Integrity Group consulting; specializing in supply chain, food safety, quality, operations and organic integrity for the fresh produce and perishables industries. Most recently, Will has been involved in the cold pressed juice industry working with two start ups, developing their operations. Prior to these start up companies, Will was with Earthbound Farm from 1999 until 2014. As Earthbound Farm’s Chief Food Integrity Officer, Daniels was responsible for food safety, food quality and the company’s organic integrity program. Will is a sought-after speaker and has addressed key issues in food safety in the produce industry at meetings of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Restaurant Association, the Institute of Food Technologists, and the International Association for Food Protection. He is the author of two chapters, “Effectively Managing through a Crisis,” and “Pathogen Testing in Fresh Produce: Earthbound Farm,”. Will serves on a variety of boards and technical committees.
    • Gary Laney, founder of Farm to Fork Marketing, Inc., brings 29 years of experience in marketing, brand management and product management across retail, foodservice, growers and processors gained from his prior experience at Heinz, Syngenta, J. R. Simplot Company and Fifty Gazelles. His career has reached into the full spectrum of the food supply chain, spanning organic, conventional and genetically modified Crops. His experience includes developing marketing plans, new brands, repositioning existing brands, guiding the development of and launching of new products. He has managed marketing budgets up to to $40M, creating annual marketing plans, directing the development of award winning television, print and radio ads, sales support materials. He has successfully marketed seed to farmers, crops to processors and distributors, and then food products to retailers, wholesalers, food service operators.
    • Peter Halperin, the Director of Halden Packaging, has a Diploma In Food Technology from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Peter has in the past worked for Distillers Corporation and Nestle as well as having gained experience in the retail sector working for OK Bazaars focusing on House Brands. Halden Packaging through its partners has developed a strong focus on intelligent active packaging which aims to extend shelf life and product quality and at the same time bring fresher food products to the market thereby reducing food waste and returns.


    Services offered by this partnership:

    Packaging and Protective Atmospheres

    • Respiration measurement and interpretation
    • Modified atmosphere determination
    • Modified atmosphere package design
    • Multicomponent food group blends and combinations
    • Microwaveable performance and regulatory compliance
    • Packaging and packaging materials
    • Flexible lidding film rigid tray incorporation
    • Peelable lidding film design
    • Sustainable packaging resource
    • Packaging equipment resource

    Postharvest Technology

    • Harvest and handling of commodities
    • Sorting equipment
    • Storage recommendations
    • Cooling and cold chain management
    • Cold room design
    • Physiological disorders
    • Ethylene measurement and control
    • Ripening and ripening rooms
    • Container CA / room CA
    • Monitoring and modeling of transportation and storage conditions

    Postharvest Pathology

    • Postharvest disease control
    • Postharvest chemical application, application equipment, nozzles, residue disposal
    • Postharvest fungicide safety, MRLs

    The Global Fresh Technology Group can also offer sensory evaluation and advanced statistical services.


    Marketing of Fresh Produce

    • Due diligence and investment valuation for agribusiness investment funds
    • Marketing and introduction of innovative fresh products to the market
    • Marketing techniques to increase fruit sales at retail point-of-sale
    • Consumer preferences, taste tests, principal component analysis


    • Independent lab research
    • Assessment of new technologies
    • Experimental design and statistical data analysis

    Planning and Design

    • Lab design and construction
    • Fresh cut fruits facility design and operation
    • Cold room design

    Food Safety and Regulatory Issues

    • Food safety and food regulation resource
    • Efficacy reports for registration in California


    kiwi fruit

    Crops we have worked on:

    • Fresh-cut or minimally processed vegetables and fruits; conventional, organic and GMO
    • Tropical fruit crops; Banana, pineapple, mango, papaya, avocado, citrus
    • Vegetable crops e.g. tomato, pepper, lettuce and leafy greens, brassicas
    • Berries; Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry
    • Stone fruit including plum, peach, apricot
    • Pome fruit including apples, pears
    • Kiwifruit, persimmon, pomegranate, melon, watermelon
    • Cut flowers and potted plants

    Regions where the group is active:

    • USA, Canada, Mexico
    • South America e.g. Colombia, Brazil, Chile
    • Central America e.g. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama
    • North and South Europe
    • Africa e.g. Morocco, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Asia


    Our client list includes AgroFresh, American Packaging Corporation, Bakkavör, Biopolis, Bunzl, Canary Islands Banana Coop, Dow, ExxonMobil, FFP Packaging, The Florette Group, Freshway Foods, Fruit Dynamics, Fresh & Easy, Fruit Logistica, Green Giant Fresh, Monsanto, Nourse Farms, Nova Agri, NOVA, PerfOTec, Potandon, Purecircle, Salad Fresh, Sunkist, Syngenta and Univeg. Jeff has had the privilege to work on or lead design teams that developed specialty packaging for Hunt Wesson, McDonalds, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Ready Pac Foods, Kimberly Clark, U.S. Post Office, Sunkist, Nestle, T.J. Lipton, Kraft, Green Giant Fresh, Unilever and Wild Rocket Foods.

    fresh lab

    Global Fresh Technology Group is pleased to announce the addition of a Salinas, CA based Q Fresh Lab under the direction of Will Daniels and Jeff Brandenburg. The Q Fresh Lab will offer testing and analytical services including: Qfresh LAB


    • Respiration rate quantification and analysis
    • Shelf life testing and studies
    • Organoleptic and visual attributes
    • Product cutting/competitive cutting analysis
    • Product differentiation and geometry
    • Competitive product analysis
    • Processing equipment qualification
    • Varietal trials
    • Seasonal variance analysis
    • Temperature abuse studies


    • Packaging comparison testing
    • Packaging equipment qualification
    • Package qualification
    • Package specification compliance analysis
    • Package integrity/design


    • Micro mapping
    • Ancillary science validation
    • Customized projects