Smilesys is an innovative packaging system that allows the opening and reclosing of the plastic film through self-adhesive integrated labels.

The process provides a roll that is perfectly compatible with all industrial packaging installations.

It is suitable for the packaging of a variety of bakery, fruit, vegetables, cold meats, cheese etc.Cuprod

Smilesys offers a functional solution that has a very high impact with the consumer.
The system can be applied to any type of flexible packaging, from topfilms to flowpacks, from bags to stabilos.
It is produced in rolls and it is immediately workable, there is no need to integrate the packaging machine with additional tools.
It is produced on standard films for which no adjustments or setups are required.
It does not slow down the speed of production, it occupies the same space of a normal packaging on stock.
It is storable like any other film

Packaging Types:

The Smilesys system can be used on the most common industrial packaging machines. And therefore it is suitable for bags produced by vertical packaging machines, flow packs and any type of container, preformed or thermoformed. There are many types and compositions of films suitable for the application of the label, from simple monofilms to laminated pet, or pe bopp.


The Smilesys system provides a number of advantages for both the producer and the final consumer.Salaison 2

Technical Productive Benefits

  • Suitable for all automatic packaging systems.
  • No need for any modification or adjustment on the packaging machine.
  • Does not slow down timing and speed of packaging.
  • No waste in terms of time and material.
  • Applicable to most of the semi-rigid or flexible packages currently on the market.
  • Customizable for shapes, sizes and graphics. Printable up to 10 colours. Available in matt varnish and paper.

Benefits for the end userTortillas7x

  • Functional
  • Strong visual impact
  • Improvement in the product’s image and appeal.
  • Maintenance of the product’s organoleptic characteristics.
  • The package’s integrity is guaranteed through various types of seals.
  • Ideal for products with repeated use/consumption and resealable up to 24 times. Removes need to re wrap product once opened
  • The product’s shelf-life is guaranteed through the use of barrier or perforated materials.
  • Waste caused by the product’s deterioration are minimized.

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