Packaging and Protective Atmospheres

  • Respiration measurement and interpretation
  • Modified atmosphere determination
  • Modified atmosphere package design
  • Multicomponent food group blends and combinations
  • Microwaveable performance and regulatory compliance
  • Packaging and packaging materials
  • Flexible lidding film rigid tray incorporation
  • Peelable lidding film design
  • Sustainable packaging resource
  • Packaging equipment resource

Postharvest Technology

  • Harvest and handling of commodities
  • Sorting equipment
  • Storage recommendations
  • Cooling and cold chain management
  • Cold room design
  • Physiological disorders
  • Ethylene measurement and control
  • Ripening and ripening rooms
  • Container CA / room CA
  • Monitoring and modeling of transportation and storage conditions

Postharvest Pathology

  • Postharvest disease control
  • Postharvest chemical application, application equipment, nozzles, residue disposal
  • Postharvest fungicide safety, MRLs

Marketing of Fresh Produce

  • Due diligence and investment valuation for agribusiness investment funds
  • Marketing and introduction of innovative fresh products to the market
  • Marketing techniques to increase fruit sales at retail point-of-sale
  • Consumer preferences, taste tests, principal component analysis


  • Independent lab research
  • Assessment of new technologies
  • Experimental design and statistical data analysis

Planning and Design

  • Lab design and construction
  • Fresh cut fruits facility design and operation
  • Cold room design
  • Food Safety and Regulatory Issues

Food safety and food regulation resource

  • Efficacy reports for registration in California